50 moments that matter most...

This Blog will be used to show the layouts that I make in reference to the book, "50 moments that matter most" by Lisa Bearnson. It is all about me and my thoughts & feelings or things that have happened in my life, pertaining to the moments that she suggests for each layout....

(The "moments" may or may not be in numerical order)
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Hope you enjoy following along as I do these!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moment #38 Mistake

Probably the worst mistake I've ever made in my life was to quit school! I was a Senior and promised my Momma that I would finish school if she would sign for me to get married.... well, I broke that promise and although later I did get my GED, it's still not the same as walking down that aisle and getting that High School Diploma!

Moment #25 Family

My Aunt Rena is a family member that influenced my life in so many ways, so I chose to make this layout about her. She was one of the finest Christian ladies I've ever known! She worked hard as a nurse's aide in the local hospital as well as planted a big garden, canning everything she could. She also had a greenhouse and sold plants. She kept a journal just about every day of her life, until she got alzehimers, and I'm fortunate enough to have those journals! I hope someday someone looks at my scrapbooks and sees a little of my life in them, the way I do her when I read her journals!

Moment #17 Courage

This layout was a really hard one to do... it is on the terroist attack on the New York twin towers. I used the song by Alan Jackson "Where were you?" as the basis of my layout, and just going through the song, told about my feelings & what I was doing through this incredibly horrible time for our country! It took a lot of courage to get through this time, for a lot of people! A moment in History that will never be forgotten.

Moment #15 Comfort Food

I did this layout on the BEST Brownie recipe I've ever tried!! I am a real chocolate addict and when I make these, if I'm not careful, I can easily eat the wole pan full! It's truly a recipe that I will always use and pass down to my kiddos!

Moment #11 My Hero

I did this layout about one of my Pastor's, Chad Coleman. He really was my hero at a time when I really needed help spiritually, emotionally, and physically! I had a total knee replacement with lots of complications and Chad was there for me every step of the way! He is such an awsome man of God and I will never forget the times he came over to pray with me, and the times he was just there for me as a friend!

Moment #10 Change

I used this Moment to talk about the changes in my life caused by my Divorce.... I really didn't tell a lot of "bad" things like I could've... I just mainly told about how young we were when we married and how hard it was, esp on the kids, when we finally got a divorce.

Moment #9 "Wonder"

For this layout, I took a picture that my neice had made of a sunset out on Keystone lake and talked about how Beautiful God's world really is! We are so Blessed by the Beauty all around us, and when you look at some of the things He has given us, how could you not believe in Him???